Australian Eurovision entry takes the cake!

SURELY it’s one thing allowing Aussie housewife superstar Dame Edna Everage to come out of retirement to be included in the first of a four-part ‘Bake Off’ celebrity special shown on BBC1 for Comic Relief, but it’s something else entirely letting Australia be part of the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest to be hosted in Vienna this May.  

Since when was the land down under part of Europe? OK, its participation is believed to be a ‘one-off’ to mark the show’s 60th anniversary, but their song is fast-tracked to the final – well that’s not so fair dinkum!

Anyway back at the cook house, so to speak, Dame Edna, although not appearing to have measured any ingredients, still managed to make a credible Sydney Opera House cake.

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.