Beam me up, Scotty

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So a date is set for the opening of South Tyneside’s newest building, The Word, costing megabucks.

Meanwhile Shields market is in a state of disfigurement, the council defends spending £250k in the last three years on “Z” listers to turn on lights and appear at events, while plans are afoot for a park game area at Redhead Park, upsetting residents who say the council should replace a rose garden that resembles a bed of weeds and not built in an area of open land that is enjoyed by dogs and people playing cricket (Gazette, July 13).

It’s also of note, while the streets and lanes of South Shields are the filthiest ever, dozens of narrow open containers bearing beautiful flowers have appeared outside the Town Hall, while in Mowbray Park a recently planted wild grass meadow, which came into fruition the other week, has just been ruthlessly mown down.

Beam me up Scotty.

Ken Johnson