‘Bedroom tax’ just a first step?

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IT IS self-evident on past experience that political parties conceal the truth from the electorate on controversial policies before they are elected to office.

 It is my conviction that the Conservatives intend to implement the second phase/adjunct of the ‘bedroom tax’ after winning the General Election.

 A small cabal of right wing Conservatives MPs, represented at all levels of government, intend to resurrect the 1932 Property Vote in some form ie property values at £2,000 or £1,500 in savings.

 All the great liberal reformers such as Lord John Russell, Lord Grey and many more would be horrified to know their intentions.

 Let us remember it is less than 100 years since women got the vote at 21 years old without a Property Qualification.

 I would suggest that the peers peruse the excellent book Perilous Questions by the world-famous author, the lovely Antonia Fraser OBE.

 When I think of this group of old Etonians in this infamous plot against the citizens of Britain and Northern Ireland I remember the stirring lines by Robert Burns: “An idiot race to honour lost, who know them best despite them most.”

 When Tony Blair tried to lock us up for three months without trial the Lords rejected the bill.

 When this bill on the Property Vote is sent up I hope you will again protect our freedoms.

William JS Todd,

Cornhill Crescent,

St Ninians,