Bid to study job choices

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I would appreciate it if any university students graduating this year or next could take five minutes to fill in a questionnaire for my MSc Human Resources Management dissertation.

 The dissertation is about the various job attributes graduates look for when entering employment.

 Not only will it really help me, it may also get you thinking about what you’re looking for from your first job, which can help you to target potential jobs/employers.

 The questionnaire is at

Isabel Levett,

University of Edinburgh


Picture of life as it is today

So as a tribute to the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, this year’s South Tyneside Festival Summer Parade on Saturday will include six Wonderland-themed floats.

I thinks this could also be said to be paying homage to Wonderland Britain 2015 with it’s Punch & Judy politics, over stuffed House of Lords and a Royal family who have spent millions on luxury travel in a time of austerity.

Now we also have the estimated £150million needed for urgent repairs to Buck House, which the dear old taxpayer will have to fork out for.

South Shields is currently being torn apart over the ambitious 365 plan where good, old, solid buildings are being knocked down willy nilly in the so-called name of progress.

But, hey, it’s not all doom and gloom because with the so-called improvements in Ocean Road has come the introduction of six new pieces of street art including a legionnaire on a plinth pointing people to the Arbeia Roman Fort along with some fun, bollards of giant ice-cream cones.

 Enjoy the parade.

Ken Johnson,

South Shields


TV no longer for the masses

Oh! goodie, it’s Wimbledon time again.

 That means I can forget about watching Pointless for the next two weeks then.

 It’s a disgrace that these wallies in white take over the BBC’s two main channels for a fortnight every year.

 With the technology available these days why can’t this minority interest ‘sport’ be relegated to it’s own channel so the majority of licence payers, who don’t care about tennis, can watch the programmes they enjoy and have been forced to pay for?

 Wimbledon, Glastonbury, the Proms – they’re all just jollies for the middle class luvvies who are in charge of running the BBC.

 It’s time the whole corporation was given a good shake up – an enema to flush them out – so it can go back to representing the views and interests of the majority of the population.

Mary Davies,

Via email