Bid to trace grandmother

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I have been trying to find information on my grandmother. Her name was Sarah J Thompson and she resided at 21 Woudlhave Street.

She gave up my mother (originally called Sarah Anne Thompson) for adoption to the Armstrong family in 1943 at birth. I believe that she may have married a Frederick Jackson in 1945 and they resided in 22 Dean Street until 1948. I believe that she was also related to the Netherwood family.

I am 51 years of age and did meet my grandmother when I was six or seven when she came to visit my mum. I never saw her again, however.

I am trying to collate my family history and wondered if anyone may be able to help me. I am tracing my grandfather also. He went by the name of Jack Harper and originated from Renfrew near Glasgow.

I can be contacted via email –

Ian McRae