Blairites are red Tories!

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For a great number of centre-left voters, the farce which saw the Corbyn gang capture hold of the Labour Party means the party is unworthy of respect, let alone support.

Yet the Corbynistas genuinely think their seizure of the party is a historic moment for the hard-left.

Corbynistas are fanatics. They are the religious faithful who chant: I believe in Jeremy.

They can’t be persuaded by reason, argument, or the prospect of the Tories in power for decades. They turn a blind eye to the thugs and bullies who threaten brave, decent women like Angela Eagle and Sharon Hodgson.

Corbyn is a dim, shambolic man whose achievements are limited to two E-grades at school. His talented, hardworking colleagues despair at his incompetence. Any discussion of what New Labour achieved between 1997 and 2010 is shouted down with the accusation: IRAQ.

Blairites are red Tories and war pigs. Jeremy is a good man because he believes in justice and equality (don’t we all?) and comes to Durham Miners Gala.

The MPs who voted no confidence in Corbyn have been threatened with deselection by his union puppet master Len McCluskey.

What they should do is form an Independent Labour Party.

Charles Napier,

Dilston Close,