Bring back grass areas

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As I wander around the streets, I notice that some folk are still persisting in digging up and, indeed, covering up the grassland in their front and, more than likely, back gardens.

This ultimately leads to rain-water having nowhere handy to drain into, such as soil under aforementioned grassed areas and thusly ends with the excess water flooding adjoining gardens or in some cases, as noticed in my area, drains being overwhelmed and people having to walk out into the road or cling to the wall to avoid soggy socks and the like.

It can also lead to even more severe problems such as roads being cut off by ‘puddles’ of Biblical size and all because some people cannot be bothered to cut the lawn now and again.

I would propose to the Government that it could provide teams to go round towns and cities where this practise is prevalent and dig up the offending blocks and paving stones and replace them with good old soil and grass.

May I propose that they start with my back garden.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent