Businesses – take the money and head for The Nook

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MY office is the old Lloyds bank on the corner of New Green Street, Laygate.

I was a regular at the Pride of India takeaway at the bottom end of Frederick Street.

The tiny open kitchen produced amazing curries while you watched the chef working away on a regular household gas cooker.

The ‘Taxi Special’ was a real treat – the whole shebang in one container for three quid.

One day it was gone. Boarded up. Bought out by the council as part of the regeneration scheme.

A couple of months ago I was driving past the old Post Office at the John Reid Road end of The Nook, lo and behold there it was.

Newly named. Pride of India now the Spice Station, same friendly staff. And best of all, the ‘Taxi special’ is still on the menu.

The staff tell me business is booming, so my advice to the remaining businesses playing hard to get at the bottom end of Frederick street is ‘Take the money and head for the Nook’. It’s the only shopping centre in town that’s not dying. Why? Free parking.

South Shields had a ‘Shop Til You Drop’ day on Saturday 6. Will the council put on free parking for one day only? Ask them, Emma Lewell-Buck, they might listen to you. But I doubt it.

Colin Campbell,

By e-mail.