Can anyone answer this question?

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What is so fascinating about jet hoses?

In Anderson Street, South Shields, especially, they can’t get enough of them.

It’s not during the day mind you! No, they like to start using them around 8pm.

One man in particular likes playing with his so much, his friends line up in their cars waiting for him to clean each and every one of them, on the pavement of course, so anyone passing has to walk on the road.

Another family allowed their four kids to use one as a toy.

It goes on for hours and those are not exactly quiet pieces of equipment either.

If these people enjoy the thrill of water so much take a trip to the beach, swimming baths, take a bath or a shower, or at a push when it rains stand out in it, but I think the real kick is to waste gallons and gallons of water.

Surely, this is antisocial behaviour.

The noise of it alone, especially after doing an eight to 10-hour-day’s work and all you just want is a bit of peace and quiet at that time of night.

These people have no thought or consideration for anyone but themselves.

Something really does need to be done.

Name withheld.