Can’t afford to stay in

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I have recieved my leaflet from Mr Cameron about the EU, which I put straight in the bin.

​his man said he would only campaign to stay in the EU if it was reformed. Well, he achieved not one thing we didn​‘t already have and nothing that was promised in election speeches.

​He only promised to hold a referendum to stop the UKIP vote and he had no intention to campaign to leave the EU.​ ​​

The leaflet is​ meant to scare people to vote stay in.

The biggest risk to jobs is remaining in the EU.​ ​

Goverment aid to the steel industry is forbidden by EU law. We pay £55million a week to the EU and this will rise if we vote to stay in.

Should any of our other industries need state aid, such as Nissan, they will not be able to have it as long as we are part of the EU.

We have no Sovereignty any more. We are ruled by Brussels.​ ​

We have no border control and immigration is soaring. We have no fishing industry anymore, ​we can​‘t even dredge the rivers without EU permission.

We do not need the EU.

Too many men lost their lives to give us a way of life and an independent sovereign country.

Richy Mackem