Cash help for women

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We are discovering there are thousands of women all over the country who need a little financial help and support to realise or develop their business dreams.

 Sometimes it’s just a case of a financial nudge so that they have the finance to make their first wedding cake, start a charity of their choice or something even bigger like their own pottery, craft shop or events company.

 We’ve set up F-Crowd to specifically support female entrepreneurs.

 That might sound very grand but it’s not, it’s simply women with an idea or brainwave that they’ve always wanted to develop but not had the necessary funds to take the first crucial step of creating their exciting vision.

 If you’d like to know more about us, then please take a look at

F-Crowd founder Sarah Gosling OBE,

Double Olympic Sailing Gold Medallist


Advocaat a consultant?

It would certainly be beneficial to use his experience in any capacity – but it may well cause conflict if his opinion differs from that of Congerton if he were to be appointed as a consultant.

I hope that he can convince his “other half” that a one-year contract (and associated salary) as coach manager will help them to enjoy their retirement all the more.

Even better if he takes Bracewell under his wing to train him up ...



Foo Fighters at stadium

The Foo Fighters concert at Sunderlan’ds Stadium of Light was fantastic.

 What it takes to organise such a large event I can hardly imagine but I cannot fault it.

 The tickets for such events are not cheap, but seeing the number of staff required to manage one of this size, I can see where some of it goes and do not begrudge a penny.

 The only glitch we had was the park and walk system, we were very confused as to what the arrangements were.

 It was apparently vague signage and haphazard parking on what appeared to be business car parks and verges and a six-mile round trip walk!

 All in all a big well managed party !

Happy bunny

I was there. We queued from 9 to make sure we were right at the front and the whole day was fabulous.

 The music spoke for itself but the event organisation by the Stadium of Light was first class and shows what a great venue we have right on the doorstep.

 The Foo Fighters have been one of the biggest bands in the world for a long time now and chose Sunderland as the first gig of their European Tour.

 That’s a real coup for the region and everyone involved with getting them here should be really proud.

Camden Banana