CCG chairman should resign

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THE chairman of the Clinical Commissioning Group made it personal when he totally disregarded the views of hundreds of residents from Hebburn and Jarrow, and all because the Jarrow walk-in centre is inconvenient for the people of South Shields.

Once again the residents of Hebburn and Jarrow are losing something to South Shields. How much more does South Shields want?

This is all about saving money – spend less in Hebburn and Jarrow and spend more in South Shields, and nothing whatsoever about clinical needs.

The object of this exercise from day one, including the sham of a consultation period and survey, has been about the closure of the Jarrow walk-in centre and replacing it with one at South Shields and no matter what the views of the people of Jarrow and Hebburn were, they were never ever going to be listened to.

Quite clearly the CCG is only interested in one area of South Tyneside and each member should consider their position.

But the position of their chairman, on the other hand, is clearly untenable and he should do the decent thing and resign forthwith.

Kevin Blair,

Wellington Street,