CCTV camera car is not secretive

Tracey Dixon
Tracey Dixon

I READ with interest the article ‘Parking grace will help to boost trade’ published in the Gazette on Tuesday, March 10.

 May I point out that South Tyneside Council already observes the 10-minute grace period in both its on and off-street car parks.

 Since gaining enforcement powers from Government in February 2007, our approach has always been fair but firm, with our aim to assist people to be able to park, pick up, set down, load and unload conveniently and lawfully.

 In fact, South Tyneside Council has always given the 10-minute grace period even prior to it gaining the enforcement powers when it was only responsible for enforcing its own car parks.

 I would also like it noted that this council’s approach to the use of its CCTV camera car has never been covert in any way, contrary to the article labelling it as a ‘spy car’. This vehicle is used very openly outside schools, bus stops and bus lanes with its main purpose to ensure increased levels of road safety for our children and improved public transport services throughout the borough.

 With regards to the mentioned revenue surplus, I would like it to be known that any surplus gained from parking and enforcement is reinvested in parking and highways, as well as traffic and road safety-related schemes.

Coun Tracey Dixon,

Lead member for area management and community safety at South Tyneside Council.