Cheers to the New Crown pub

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So after reports in the Gazette of a Grotty pub, the owners of the unique Marsden Grotto pub in South Shields (closed until further notice) took heed of the council, who had ordered them to clean up the unattractive mess outside on the pub’s patio blaming grotty weather and a break-in by vandals, but methinks if they had kept a better eye on things over the past month or so perhaps they wouldn’t have had such a bad press!

Meanwhile up the coast in marked contrast, the New Crown, has been given another new look after its new owners spent a six-figure sum on refurbishing the seaside watering hole where, as it happens, one has been supping ale on occasion since a teenager in the sixties when you entered the building via a revolving door. (T’was said at the time that a couple who had once met there had been going round together ever since.) Ho ho ho!

Anyway with its latest revamp one thinks it’s the best the ‘Crown’ has looked in years but pity it’s still got just the one pool table!

Ken Johnson

Mowbray Road,

South Shields