Chilcot Report needs to be published

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When will the Chilcot Report be published?

The pain suffered by the families of these young soldiers who gave their lives fighting Blair’s phoney war in Iraq, must be unbearable.

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers are entitled to know the truth about the conflict and why their loved ones were taken from them, but still, six years and counting their pleas are met with a tirade of excuses.

Anguish must be at breaking point as demand after demand for a conclusion by Chilcot remains a distant dream.

Has Chilcot any compassion in his being?

Does he realise the suffering of the families is exacerbated as each day passes?

Chilcot’s payment for chairing the enquiry is set at £790 per day and as he has taken more than 2,200 days so far, his personal remuneration is mind-boggling.

His fellow panelists also receive more than £500 per day each, which in total is quite a hefty bill for Joe Taxpayer.

When this enquiry is published there should be an investigation into Chilcot’s handling of it.

George Wilkinson,

South Shields