Closure decision is far from democratic

Jarrow Walk-In Centre
Jarrow Walk-In Centre

THE words of Clinical Commissioning Group chairman Dr Matthew Walmsley will hold no truck with the people of Hebburn and Jarrow.

We are told we live in a democracy.

Despite the fact that nobody in Hebburn and Jarrow wants this well-used walk-in centre to close, an unelected bunch of faceless people decided it will.

I wonder how many of this unelected group actually live and work in Hebburn or Jarrow, or even South Tyneside for that matter?

The answers to the questions in a survey that people were asked to fill in were all loaded.

No matter which option you chose, you were agreeing to what the CCG wanted.

If this well-used centre had been on Ocean Road, I wonder if the same decision would have been reached? I think not.

Why does South Shields have to have everything while the rest of the borough has nothing?

Kevin Blair,

Wellington Street,