Concert was utter chaos

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We were left confused, annoyed and very disappointed over the way the Tom Jones concert in Alnwick was handled.

 Car parking had a £3 price tag. Lighting seems to have been forgotten about. You couldn’t even see to go to the toilet.

 The bars were running out of alcohol and the staff were increasingly stressed at the length of the queues.

 There were only four food vans with an hour-long wait to be served.

 To top it all there were major technical failures. Some bloke with a microphone said a local power failure – despite us being able to see the lights on in the Tree Top restaurant and at the castle.

 The abrupt end, of course, led to more chaos in the car park with pedestrians and cars trying to leave by the same, unlit, single track.

 How someone was not injured, I will never know.

 On the plus side, great bands on in the afternoon, but sound quality wasn’t wonderful, and Sir Tom was great.

Debra Evans