Council amid PR disaster

WHY are we paying for this monkey business?

I am incensed the council has been using taxpayers’ money to pursue the action to uncover the author of the Mr Monkey blog.

It must now account to the public why it is pursuing this action.

It has said that it owes its workers and members a duty of care, but has not explained what damage these individuals have suffered.

Moreover, if these individuals are claiming that the comments made on the blog are libellous then they should be pursuing private actions.

The council has dived head first into a PR disaster, and ultimately all it has achieved is an own goal, on two levels.

Firstly, it will, in time, be called to account by the public for the amount that it has paid in legal fees.

That is why I have submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for that information.

Secondly, it has successfully managed to damage these individuals’ reputations even more by bringing this to the public’s attention, and has therefore breached its duty of care.

That is if their duty of care argument is genuine.

I suspect it is not.

Vicki Grist,

St Jude’s Terrace,

South Shields.