Council doesn’t even seem able to change a lightbulb

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

JUST how is this Labour council capable of administering the £100m 365 project? God only knows. They can’t change a lightbulb!

The Bellway-council partnership regeneration project on Cleadon Park, 750 homes for sale and rent.

It was started nine years ago. Last winter more than 15 street lamps were out, five of which were outside the primary school entrance.  

After the Gazette became involved, the lights were on in days and each lamp given a unique ID number.

Roll forward to December 2014. More lamps were out.

I rang the South Tyneside Council hotline and gave the ID numbers. No action was taken,

By the end of January, more lamps were out. I rang the council again – this time the operator would not even log my call and had no record of my call in December.

She informed me it was not the council’s responsibility and that I had to ring Bellway Homes, and, no, she didn’t have a contact number.

I called into the sales office on site. The sales lady gave me Bellway customer services’ number.

Three weeks on and there are now even more street lamps out, including two outside the primary school entrance.

It’s pitch black as kids leave school. It’s just not good enough.

Where are the thre Cleadon Park ward councillors?

I’ve had a reply from Bellway, saying it has undertaken a survey of the street lights on the Cleadon development and identified those currently not operational.

It said Bellway’s contractor had assured them that these will be rectified by the end of the week and Bellway will carry out a further survey on the week of February 23 to ensure they are all operating correctly.

We’ll wait and see.

Colin Campbell,