Country is torn apart

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As a younger man ,proud to be British, I never thought that one day I would feel shame at the actions of some of my fellow countrymen post Brexit.

Some England fans taunting refugee children by drunkenly shouting ‘Brexit’ and laughing as they saw the children scramble for coins they had thrown.

Any decent person would have been disgusted at the fascist element of of our people who wrote ‘Go home you Polish vermin’ on shop fronts and on the path of an 11-year-old Polish boy.

I am 78 and served in the RAF with Polish pilots, who stayed after the war.

This so-called ‘vermin’ formed Spitfire squadrons and fought the Nazis with exceptional courage and devotion to duty in the skies over Kent, defending our sceptred isle.

Lest we forget!

If I’m correct the Gazette ran a story some years ago saying that we had to advertise in Krakov to get skilled men to work here as we hadn’t been training apprentices.

What now?

I believe in controlled immigration but I do believe if successive governments had invested more in building social housing, hospitals, schools, roads etc perhaps there would be less xenophobia.

No wonder BoJo is running scared. He has opened a can of worms that has torn everything apart to an extent that it is difficult to see how our country can be easily healed.

David Calvert