Customs House gets plenty of publicity

Customs House director Ray Spencer
Customs House director Ray Spencer

I HAVE to say, I was canny surprised to read a letter in the Gazette recently (Friday, March 6) from Sonia Marcinkiw, re: recent coverage of financial difficulties at the Customs House theatre.

 Your correspondent says that this is the most coverage the venue has had in years, and suggests that ‘perhaps more advertising and exposure previously would have encouraged more visitors’.

 I wasn’t sure whether this was a serious claim, or amazing sarcasm.

 Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fine venue and the town would be the poorer for losing it. But to suggest that the Customs House has been lacking in coverage by the Gazette is laughable.

 In fact, right after turning over from the letters page, the first thing I saw staring back at me was a picture of Customs House boss Ray Spencer. I recognised it easily after seeing him so very, very many times in the Gazette.

Billy Shaw.

By e-mail.