‘David Cameron is the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever had’

David Cameron
David Cameron

I WRITE with regard to the forthcoming general election.

It concerns the last five years of utter misery that this government has brought to bear on the working classes of this country.

Never has there been a government which has shown so little care and has slowly downtrodden and penalised its people. Mr Cameron implemented the ‘bedroom tax’, which has put thousands of people into untold misery and suffering, but does he care? No!

Mr Cameron has caused great hardship and suffering to people who are sick or disabled, but does he care? No!

Mr Cameron has made the unemployed jump through hoops to claim their benefits and face getting it sanctioned or stopped for the slightest of reasons, but does he care? No!

Mr Cameron stops workers getting a fair wage rise, while taking large wage increases for himself and his fat cat Tory colleagues.

In fact, Mr Cameron and his spineless government have caused nothing but pain, misery and financial hardship and will continue to do so.

Mr Cameron does not care about the North East of England. He can stand there and chatter of his fancy figures on this and that, but we, the ordinary folk of this country are not feeling any better. We need a government where people can live comfortably, without high food prices, high energy costs, a proper wage, jobs, not having to use food banks. These are all the things this government has made us suffer and he still has the audacity to stand with his famous line, ‘we are all in this together, we must all tighten our belts.’ How does he come out with such utter nonsense, and what has the Prime Minister tightened?

Has David Cameron had to go to a food bank lately or had to cancel any of his three holidays a year? Had to borrow a few bob to get a bit of gas or electric on his meters?

No, like his sidekicks he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He does not know what hardship is, but he has certainly let the people of this country know.

Mr Cameron, you are the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had and I pray, come May, that you will be gone from your high horse spot of power.

I have to say on closing, though, that you will hold a place in history: that of an uncaring, hard, unfeeling person. I don’t know how you can sleep at night.

Mr J McCoy,

Roman Road,