Deficit means we are in debt

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It seems Alan Wright does not understand in his letter of September 30 that a deficit in spending means that you are getting deeper into debt.

The words of the former Chancellor were aimed at the gullible and meant to convey that he had the economy under control.

The fact was that the National Debt was and is increasing year by year under the Tories. The deficit is linked with the National Debt and is a measure of the yearly extra debt we as taxpayers owe, which is now £1.6trillion in total.

The figures he quoted are meaningless when viewed in isolation and are typical of the sort of prevarication the Tories have practised on their adherents and the general public.

I would like to see a separation of the spending per government for 2010 after the Tory Government came into office to see exactly why it rose from just over £500billion pounds to £1trillion.

I know that the Labour government had to support the banks after 2008 and this led to a rise in government borrowing but fail to see why in a time of austerity and a rising GNP what the Tories have done with all the money – but perhaps I already know.

Richard Beck