Delight at homecoming

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I was both delighted and relieved when I heard recently that South Shields FC will be returning to play their football in the town once again.

I am sure I speak for all Shields’ supporters as I send a huge thank you to Geoff Thompson, the new owner of Mariners Park, and, as I understand, chairman elect of South Shields FC.

It is perhaps pertinent at this point in time to look back before we start to focus our energies and thoughts on the future.

 I feel massive credit should go to the officials, players and supporters of South Shields FC who have collectively combined hard work, good will and an ongoing commitment which has sustained the club through difficult times during recent seasons.

Now we are back on ‘home turf’, Mariners Park, I feel that is a fantastic opportunity to take our club forward.

Providing this opportunity is maximised the sky really is the limit. By coming along to games and also supporting community initiatives a huge potential can be realised. I look forward to seeing the club prosper – but don’t forget we all have a part to play.

Up the Mariners.

John Pendergast,

South Shields supporter.

An eventful weekend!

I had a ghostly moment on Sunday morning while taking part in the 25th anniversary Great North Dog Walk.

 I was with the border collie, heading toward Marsden Grotto, watching a single-decked brown Economic bus

making its way along the coast road to Shields, which momentarily took me back to the 1950s when such a

sight would have been commonplace. But of course it was only one of the hundreds of historic commercial vehicles descending on Bents Park in an annual display.  

 However, is this the first time the two events have

been held on the same day?

 The weather hadn’t been too bad but on the way back along the coast had to contend with a howling head wind! All the same it was pleasing to know we had participated in a record-breaking dog walk with more than 25,000 canines taking part.

Ken Johnson

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.

‘Punishing’ the poor?

If someone’s on benefits, which includes unemployment, I suppose they are not sanctioned as that would be punishment for not complying with the appointment time, regardless of cancelled Metros or late buses. No, this is educational as it will teach them to be punctual. You can’t dress up punishment by pretending it doesn’t happen. Five years ago words like ‘sanctioned’, ‘food banks’ and ‘zero hours’ were never heard of, but now they are everyday words