Discs are a great idea

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My wife and I have recently visited Northumberland for a few days break in a beautiful part of our country.

We stayed in Rothbury but visited various towns and villages, namely Alnwick, Alnmouth, Cragside, Amble, which all lived up to our expectations.

However, in visiting these attractions we were impressed by the parking facilities, which entailed purchasing a parking disc, for the princely sum of £1.

It is very similar to the blue badge clock card, where you set your time of parking and according to where you park you can stay for two hours or three hours and some parking is all day.

The intriguing part is you can move your car at any time to another spot and readjust your parking time.Furthermore, this parking disc is applicable in any other part of Northumberland that is controlled by the said council.

We found this a fair system and flexible and encourages tourists to stay and spend their money.

I would suggest that our council would do well to think along these lines, rather than using parking charges as a “cash cow”.

Jack Wiffin