Disgraceful way to behave

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Well done to Darlington Primary School head Kate Chisholm who has come out against lazy parents turning up in their pyjamas.

Appallingly, this has been a growing trend, not just in Darlington, but all over the country, particularly in urban areas, and it is a disgraceful lowering of standards.

She has found that they don’t just drop them off at school without washing and dressing first, some even turn up in pyjamas at parents’ evenings and shows.

She is spot on to want a good example to be demonstrated to the pupils, and parents going out in their nightwear is certainly not that.

As a former teacher myself I know only too well how easily influenced young minds can be. Expecting school to be treated with respect is a great way to demonstrate that learning is a valuable thing.

Jonathan Arnott,

UKIP North East MEP