Do something about care

'DIRE SITUATION' ... Oakdale Lodge looks likely to be closed.
'DIRE SITUATION' ... Oakdale Lodge looks likely to be closed.

I AM getting increasingly concerned about the care home Oakdale Lodge, which has only been open around three to four years.

From what I understand, there are issues around the provision of care, in order to keep it open.

But in my time as a dementia campaigner, I have heard all this before, and it seems to me that we have to continue to battle for suitable dementia care.

It is always the same issues that come up and some care home providers are quoted as saying that they cannot afford to provide proper nursing care for these patients, just at the time they say that they have to upgrade – how is this right?

What exactly is it that they are saying – that they are not making enough money through the care they provide by looking after people suffering from dementia and other vulnerable people?

Families are being charged £500-£600 to have their relatives cared for.

I denounce what is happening in terms of good money being paid by families who want their mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandparents or siblings looked after in a professional and proper manner – and just as they are getting settled in, and are in a routine suitable for their care needs, they are facing the possibility of being told to find somewhere else to be looked after.

Why do we persist in putting the needs of elderly or vulnerable people or those with dementia below the needs of companies and administrations?

It is a torment to have to undertake negotiations in such a situation rather than focusing on the people in care homes who are at the heart of the discussions.

I want the welfare of residents as a priority, against everything else, so that they are protected and thought of in the right way.

Mr J Grant,

Gosforth Avenue,


South Shields.