Dogma of atheism?

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MARXISM and atheism are the most dogmatic mindsets and belief systems going, since to them God does not exist and they try to destroy all his manifestations.

Thus we have a religious or agnostic people locked up in Gulags (Soviet concentration camps) or beaten up on the way to church.

The Thought For Today in the other night’s Gazette was so right: “All good moral philosophy is but a hand-maid to religion” – Francis Bacon.

Who do these puffed up ‘British Humanists’ think they are. It is just a euphemism. As a philosopher said: “To be human is to be a little above an animal. We should aim higher than that.”

The only disgrace about this is that the left and so-called ‘liberals’ take notice of these minuscule pressure groups and dance to their tune.

Democracy? We have the rule of the noisy few, not the deserving many.

Mr G Wilson,

Stanhope Road,

South Shields.