Don’t pick on dog owners

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So according to the Gazette (August 15) Labour dominated STC together with South Tyneside Homes are going to get tough with people who don’t clear up after their dogs by introducing a new squad of wardens who, no doubt, will earn their keep by issuing £80 fines.

Why don’t they also get tough with litter louts as well.

All the years I’ve lived in South Tyneside I have never seen the streets, lanes and parks in such a disgraceful state.

The covered with discarded crisp and fag packets, plastic bags, crushed lager cans and broken glass not to mention mountains of half drank fruit juice bottles.

The main beach on the other had hardly has a chance to get dirty with a tractor ploughing up and down it 24/7.

Don’t just pick on antisocial dog owners

Ken Johnson,

social dog owner