Drivers exploited for money

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I WISH to relate two events that have happened to me over the past calendar month which, in my personal opinion, prove without doubt that we have become a money-pinching sly country.

 Visits to Tynemouth Station (Sunday, 10.30am) and Lawe Road, South Shields (Wednesday 6.41pm) have levied me penalties for non-resident parking fines.

 While obviously unaware of any parking restrictions, I proceeded to my destinations (market and Indian restaurant ) only to arrive back at the car to find non-resident parking fines.

 Hindsight tells me that I should have travelled the length of the roads to see if any restriction notifications were plain to see 12 feet up a pole.

 Does everybody have to check every street and road nowadays?

 Being an ‘old timer’, I have been reared in the knowledge that double yellow lines mean no parking.

 Nowadays you have beautiful bays marked out, no yellow lines and restriction notices so high you cannot read them.

 Why not have double yellow lines but allow any resident with a permit to park?

 Not likely – not too many people will get ‘ripped off’. Any person parking on the yellow lines has no defence.

 Tynemouth and South Shields have lost any future trade from me – it is up to

the business people to air their views.

 If the methodology in implementing these fines is not deliberate extortion, can any reader give me a rational explanation?

Doug Smallbone,