EU has done little for us

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Regarding the EU debate, what many Europhiles conveniently ignore is the fact that no one in this country has ever voted for Britain to be part of a European superstate, or to be made citizens of that state.

We were lied to by both the Conservatives and Labour in two referendums. If they had taken place in the likes of Zimbabwe, they would have been condemned as being rigged and undemocratic.

The fact is, as long as we have a political elite whose overriding loyalty is to Brussels rather than Westminster, then we will never have a fair referendum.

As for those who believe Britain cannot survive economically without being part of the EU, they seem to forget their history.

I believe our workers can compete with the best in the world given the right tools and training, but as long we have defeatist politicians putting them down, and unions fighting meritocracy at every turn, how will we ever regain our industrial might?

The world is a big place, we must not restrict ourselves to a crumbling corrupt EU, which has done absolutely nothing for the UK except destroy our industries and impose rules and regulations without the consent of the British people.

M Brown,

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