Fight to keep what is ours

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First we close all our shipyards, then we close our steel works. We then give a massive steel order to Korea, to build ships with Chinese steel, you don’t see Japan, America, China, Australia having ships built elsewhere.

They build ships in their country, with their steel, in their shipyards, repair them in their repair yards. What a joke the UK has become.

What happened to Britannia rules the waves?

This Government, and Labour should hang their heads in shame.

And now the Chinese are building our power stations and Japan are building our trains.

It is about time the Government took a good hard look at itself and sees the damage this has done.

Apprenticeships in the North East do not exist.

We should keep the steelyards open to supply the shipbuilders, who should be building our ships, and give apprentices the chance to train in all trades, leading to a job.

This will then create a knock-on effect to suppliers and manufacturers.

I am sure if someone did a cost programme, against paying wages against benefits, we, surely, should be even, but we will be a winner with all the jobs,

Think British, keep British.

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