Fight to keep what we have

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Under a Labour government a member of my family was left to bring up two children from the ages of three to six.

She was lucky enough to receive Working Tax Credit while working in the school system for a not very large amount of money. This meant she could be at home with them on school holidays and not have to find the money for babysitters as she had no relatives in the part of the country where she was living to help out.

Her two boys went on to go to university four years apart, the eldest went on to get a first in physics and managed to get a job shortly after graduation. The younger has another year to do and we are hoping he has the same success.

I as her mother could not be more proud of her. My daughter up to the age of 30 was not that bothered about politics but thanks the Labour government for the help that was given when it was needed she would be the first to say she could not have done it without it.

My husband and I have voted Labour all our working lives and will so for the rest of our time, my daughter feels the same way.

Any improvement made in this country comes about from a Labour government and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to have to look at where we have come from since the Second World War.

We have an NHS to be proud of, decent pensions for working class people, not benefits but worked for pensions. There are council houses instead of slums for people to live in.

We have better infrastructure such as motorways and we had a booming coal and steel industry with all that flowed from that, and schools and playing fields for our children to thrive in and much more.

Workers rights were only achieved by the labour of like-minded hard working people.

We should not let us slip back into the terrible times we had to endure before the war, the times of the haves and the have nots. It wasn’t fair then and it isn’t fair now.

Mary Rowntree