Firms have no right

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In their letter Labour MEPs JK Darling and Paul Brennan wrote (September 25) that the opening of the Hitachi factory in Newton Aycliffe was a big moment in the history of the North East and one which has the potential to create thousands of jobs for local people.

Well so did the start of Second World War. It also created thousands of jobs for local people. However, the people that started that war did not get to dictate policy (foreign or otherwise) to the people of Great Britain.

So what makes Nissan and Hitachi think that they can dictate whether or not we should stay in the EU?

Why didn’t the Prime Minister send them away with flea in their ears when he met them and they admitted that they would rethink their plans should we leave the EU?

Does money really speak louder than words or is it a case of money first, people second?

The people of this country deplore fox hunting and badger culls, suppose that Cameron was to suggest to Hitachi or even Japan that if Japan doesn’t not stop the hunting and killing of whales and dolphins (for scientific purposes or otherwise) then the people of this country might just stop buying Japanese goods.

It’s called tit-for-tat.

R Tomlinson.