Flaws to EU argument

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An interesting suggestion from Alan Wright (October 7) asking what the EU can offer us in return for free access to our markets given that our imports from the EU exceed our exports to them.

Certainly worth thinking about.

There is one major flaw in that line of argument, however. The EU would be likely to respond by asking what can we offer them if they are to continue to allow UK citizens to live and work or just live on mainland Europe, given that their number exceeds the total of EU citizens living and working or just living in the UK.

The real weakness is that if a hard line is taken by both sides on this issue then our population will increase.

Would our NHS be able to cope with the sudden increase in older people (retirees living in Spain, France Italy and Greece) returning to our shores?

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

Perhaps Alan Wright would be better spending his time urging Theresa May and her Ministers to do everything they can to keep the Nissan plant working to full capacity now and future investment plans on track.

Rod Hepplewhite