‘Foreign aid gets too much’

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

THE charity Age UK has once again highlighted the inadequacy of visits by local authority carers on the elderly and sick people who rely on this very valuable service.

 The service is a lifeline for them, and regular monitoring of this section of the community will no doubt ease the inevitable

burden placed on hospital A&E departments and GP’s surgeries.

 Town halls lay the blame for this on the fact that budgets for social care have fallen dramatically and these cuts are reflected in the reduction in the frequency of calls and also the physical time allocated to patients during these visits. I can’t argue with this.

 What does need to be highlighted, however, is the fact that during the 2010/11 period this budget fell by £1bn, while the budget for overseas aid increased by £3.7bn.

 Only last week the independent commission for aid said the international development budget is so swollen, the department responsible for this budget is said to be ‘struggling’ to spend it. This in my opinion is indefensible and also morally unsustainable.

 It would appear our posturing political classes (of all persuasions) are too busy slapping each other on the back about foreign aid to notice the very deplorable situation that the sick and elderly are placed in as a consequence of this irresponsible allocation of funds.

 Surely now is the time that every responsible voter let these blinkered MPs see that their views on this abysmal state of affairs are not necessarily the views of the electorate.

B Whincop,

Larch Avenue,