Future looks better ‘out’

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In his letter of April 11, Ged Taylor blames David Cameron for the crisis in the steel industry, the migration problem and to Margaret Thatcher’s roll in the past.

I assume he is referring to the closure of the shipyards – that was brought about by the EU reducing the capacity of European shipbuilding and in return Sunderland got the Enterprise Zones.

The steel crisis has been brought about because the EU will not allow state financial aid to members of the union in order to protect their industries.

Of course, everyone knows it was Tony Blair who opened the gates of the UK to anyone who wanted to come. It was opened wide based upon Tony Blair’s agenda to alter the voting patterns, believing those who came would vote for New Labour.

Ged tells us that Britain is an island – well, he got that right, but being swallowed by an institution whose main objective is to create a federal state, ruled by unelected commissioners is not one that this land needs or wants.

We have heard from the ‘Stay In’ lobby that to leave would be akin to entering a darkness of uncertainty with job losses, dearer flights to Europe and loss of trade.

The Leave Europe campaign wants to get this country into the global scheme, in which we choose with whom we trade. Many may remember that this country was lead to believe we were joining a trading partnership with Europe – not a political association. Of course, we still wish to trade with Europe and I among many others believe that should we leave that will still be the case because Europe needs us as a trading partner. The UK is a good partner for them as they export more to us than we to them.

We hear from the ‘Stay Group’ that Nissan will leave us, but will not confirm or deny its intentions. But then we learn that Toyota will stay, Siemens has chosen to stay, HSBC banking is staying among many others.

There is a big, wide world out there, a world that is opening up for trade with us free from European restrictions. The exit door is open for people of the UK. Winston Churchill once said: “If it was a choice to turn to Europe or the big blue sea, I would choose the big blue sea.”

George Howe