Future looks reckless

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So a technology expert in Florida was the first motorist to die in a driverless car crash.

The unfortunate guy engaged his car on auto-pilot while he drove on the highway and sat back to watch a movie on the car’s 17-inch touch screen, only for a white articulated truck to pull across in front of him.

The car’s radar and cameras did not distinguishing the truck from the sky, smashing the windscreen and tearing the roof off as it went under the trailer before leaving the road, hitting two fences, crossing a field and snapping a telegraph pole.

Cars of tomorrow eh! To me it’s akin to a reckless teenager riding a bicycle with his hands off the handlebars while playing with his walkie-talkie.

I’ve also read a Department of Transport spokesman said driverless cars will benefit society, boost the economy and enhance road safety – heaven help us!

Ken Johnson