Get pets slimmed down

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THERE is still time for pet owners to enter their overweight pets into PDSA Pet Fit Club – the UK’s most successful pet slimming contest.

But owners need to act fast, as entries close next Sunday (April 26).

PDSA research revealed that four out of five veterinary professionals had seen an increase in pet obesity cases in the last two years.

And shockingly, 80 per cent of vets and vet nurses believe there will be more overweight pets than healthy weight pets in five years’ time.

Obesity can contribute to pets developing deadly conditions that can cut their lifespan, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

The good news, however, is that pet obesity is entirely preventable.

And to help combat the problem, the charity has launched its annual fat-fighting competition, PDSA Pet Fit Club.

Over the past decade, Pet Fit Club has transformed the lives of some of the UK’s most obese pets, helping nearly 100 animals shed over 60 stone.

We are welcoming entries again and offering our expertise.

Nicola Martin,

PDSA Head of Pet Health,

Whitechapel Way,