Goodbye to Wraithscape

Mike Hallowell
Mike Hallowell

WEB commenter Didact says the stories were “getting tedious” of late.

The irony is that during its entire life the column’s content was largely directed by the wishes of its readers. You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

 When I wrote about ghosts, readers would occasionally argue they were passé and ask me to focus on more “modern” enigmas such as UFOs.

 When I wrote about UFOs, sceptics would argue I should have been more clear about my personal religious perspective on the matter (even though I’d explicitly stated it three times in the Gazette itself). When I stated my religious persuasion yet again, to satisfy them, I was then accused of “using the column to promote my own religious agenda”.

 Some said the column was “too parochial” and should explore stories outside of the Borough of South Tyneside. When I did this, others complained and said that enigmas taking place beyond our borders had no place in a provincial newspaper. Some just criticised anything the column contained because they didn’t believe in the existence of any paranormal phenomena at all period.

 The positive comments far outweighed the negative ones, however, and although I’m sad to have been forced to draw a line under the column, I can do so in the knowledge that I tried to give it something approaching a universal popularity. I was never going to succeed, of course, but I think it was right to try.

 Cally, thank you for your kind words.

 I’d love to see a local support group set up in this area if we could get enough support.

 Maybe we should look into the idea...


Farewell to Wraithscape

SORRY to hear about columnist Mike Hallowell’s condition. Although I obviously didn’t always agree 100 per cent with his content, I always looked forward to his posts as they brought a smile to my sceptic face.


Sympathy for condition

AS a fellow narcoleptic, I just wanted to say what a well-written article this is! There are a few good support groups on Facebook that you may be interested in! Also, Narcolepsy UK is a wonderful resource for useful information and well worth registering on!

Cally Jackson