Gratitude to the voters

Newly-elected councillor Wilf Flynn.
Newly-elected councillor Wilf Flynn.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank those who voted Labour and elected me as the Labour Party councillor for the Hebburn South ward.

It was a pleasure to speak with so many on the doorstep and to be received so well.

I was pleased by those who said they didn’t normally vote, but on this occasion they would.

To those who voted for other political parties, I am a Labour councillor for all of Hebburn South Ward and I can be contacted by anyone, anytime (074 2347 4525)

While the Labour Party had the best results for years across South Tyneside for the council, and the two MPs were returned with increased majorities, unfortunately that cannot be said nationally and we have a majority Conservative Government with the financial cutbacks which will follow.

For 20 years I have organised voluntarily for Jarrow Labour Party and I bring that 110% commitment to the people of the Hebburn South Ward.

Thank you all for a majority of 1,324 votes and I give this commitment: My time is your time.

Coun Wilf Flynn,

Pine Street,