Great service from bus firm

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This is a story about a book, a bus company and a lost wallet.

I boarded the Busways E2 on Wednesday, September 28, heading into South Shields at about 9.29pm. I was carrying a book that I would recommend everyone to read. It could change your life.

My bus pass was in my wallet and I duly checked in with it using the machine on the bus and sat down. The book was a bit bulky and I tried to fit it in the coat that I was also carrying, but couldn’t then I got off the bus at Westoe, opposite the old Regent/Mecca bingo hall. I tapped my pocket, no wallet. I had left my wallet on the seat of the bus.

My wallet contained some cash, and pass etc.

Looking in the distance I could see the E2 disappearing down to the Chichester roundabout. What was I to do? With no mobile phone and no money. Then I saw the Busways number 7 bus from Marsden approaching the Westoe roundabout to go down Imeary Street.

I sprinted to the bus stop. The bus passed me, I was about 10 yards behind, but he stopped and waited for me. Quite breathless I got on the bus and explained what had happened to the driver.

He immediately contacted the ‘control’ giving them the details. He then invited me on to the bus, and we made our way to the town centre.

There ahead of us appeared the E2, which had made its way via Laygate and had rejoined the main route down Fowler Street into the town. We followed the E2 and both buses stopped at General Post office bus stop.

The driver of the E2 then, after checking my ID, handed me the wallet and I confirmed to ‘control’ that I had received it all in order.

This whole process (although it seemed like an age at the time) took less than 10 minutes.

I would like to express my grateful thanks to both drivers and Busways for their help and the professional way this matter was handled. The staff concerned showed a caring, responsible attitude and the Busways communication system worked very efficiently.

I can only say they are a brilliant organisation. Many thanks.

Oh by the way the title of book I was carrying was: “Triumph of the Heart” by Mirjano Solo (one of the visioneries at Medugorje)

Terry Halpin