Great to have South Shields FC back home

Geoff Thompson of Utilitywise, who is the new owner of South Shields FC.
Geoff Thompson of Utilitywise, who is the new owner of South Shields FC.

Congratulations to the committee of South Shields FC for bringing to fruition their long-standing plans to find a permanent home in the town.

After two seasons of unnecessary stagnation brought about by the intransigence of the previous owner of Filtrona Park and the apparent inability of the council to back local sport, a white knight in the shape of Geoff Thompson of Utilitywise has come to the rescue.

Hopefully,the Mariners can very soon emulate the recent revival of long-time rivals North Shields.

Excellent support from North Tyneside Council is enabling the Robins to develop a well-supported community-based club, wonderful ground and new social facilities.

This initiative has resulted in huge success on the field culminating with national recognition as this year’s winners of the FA. Vase.

Initial signs indicate that South Shields FC is on the up and up again, but here are a few suggestions I would ask their management to consider:

(1) Revert to the green and red colours worn in the halcyon days of manager Charlie Thomas, which gave the club a unique identity.

(2) Replace the amateur goalposts built by shipyard plumbers with league standard sticks.

(3) Consult with the groundsman at Harton & Westoe CW, who has produced the best playing surface in Tyne and Wear outside of the Premier League clubs.

Good luck to Jon King and his new team for the coming season.

Jeff Dawson,

By e-mail