Grieved to see walk-in close

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The Palmer Communty hospital opened in 1985 and was described at the time as a state-of-the-art hospital that stands on the site of the Palmer Memorial hospital built in 1875.

I’m a born and bred Jarrow lad and I was a regular visitor to the out-patients often having wounds stitched and broken bones put in plaster.

It grieves me now to see the modern hospital walk-in centre being closed, as it also sickened me to see Wards 1, 2 and 3 close.

The hospital is the heartbeat of Jarrow and Hebburn with great transport links and a bus station, Metro, and taxi ranks very close by.

The decision to remove the wards and the walk-in centre was taken, in my opinion, not to improve the facilities for patients, as they use as an excuse, it is purely financial.

I’m sure that it is a decision made by a few people who don’t live in South Tyneside and probably won’t even be working here shortly.

To conclude, may I say as long as the hospital is still standing there is hope for the future, soon someone will see sense, I hope.

Joe Browne