Gulf states should help

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Everyone has differing viewpoints on the refugee crisis that is currently dominating headlines in all the TV and press news bulletins.

It is so terrible to witness families fleeing persecution in their homelands.

The obvious and correct solution to this crisis is, undoubtedly, to give sanctuary to these poor souls, but, and it’s a very big but – why on earth don’t they opt to head towards Muslim countries where there is no war?

Surely, the culture in places such as Yemen, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and similar countries across the Middle East would be far more acceptable to them than that of the Christian countries in Europe that seem to attract them?

I also notice that there does not appear to be a significant amount of sympathy or money flowing towards their Muslim brothers and sisters in the war zones of Syria, Libya and Iraq from the oil rich Gulf States and I cannot help but wonder why this should be the case.

The problem as I see it is, that once they arrive in a Christian country, all they seem to want to do, is to impose their religious and cultural beliefs on the hosts and invariably it is the host country which gives way because we don’t wish to offend our ‘guests’.

Benard Whincop

South Shields