Help combat loneliness

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A new survey by Independent Age, the older people’s charity, found more than one in three people aged 75 and over in Britain say that feelings of loneliness are out of their control, equivalent to more than 1.8million people, and almost one in four worry about how often they feel lonely.

To help older people reduce loneliness, we’ve launched a free guide called If You’re Feeling Lonely: How to stay connected in older age. It provides information on how to recognise why you feel lonely, how to help yourself and the opportunities to look out for.

People of all ages feel lonely sometimes, but becoming older shouldn’t inevitably mean that you will be lonely.

By taking small steps and changing one thing at a time, it is possible to reduce feelings of loneliness.

The If You’re Feeling Lonely guide is free to order and download from or by calling 0800 319 6789.

Independent Age has also just launched its Christmas appeal to raise funds to help combat loneliness. To donate, call 020 7605 4485 or visit

Janet Morrison,

Chief Executive,

Independent Age