Help to create a miracle

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I am an ambassador of Sightsavers, the charity that works to prevent and cure blindness in developing countries.

Sightsavers has pledged to make A Million Miracles happen in some of the world’s poorest countries by raising enough to fund one million sight restoring operations, and I would love readers to help make a real difference to someone’s life this Christmas.

A cataract operation takes around 10 minutes and costs Sightsavers £30. What’s more, until December 15 the UK Government is matching all donations to this appeal – doubling the impact of readers’ generosity.

I have been supporting Sightsavers for many years and have witnessed the incredible impact of the charity’s work first-hand in Bangladesh.

There is nothing more awe-inspiring and actually tear-jerking than watching a child’s face the moment they sees their mother’s face for the first time.

These sight-saving operations are life-changing.

So with this in mind, I would urge readers to help Sightsavers perform a Christmas miracle by donating £30, or whatever they can, and give the gift of sight at

It would be a truly wonderful Christmas present: the chance to change the life of a perfect stranger for the better.

Joanna Lumley