Helping the disadvantaged

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It is unlikely that any changes to the proposed tax credit cuts made by Chancellor George Osborne will help many of the families already struggling to put food on the table. The steady erosion of services has already had a deep effect.

As Christmas approaches, we would like to make your readers aware of the help that is available to disadvantaged families in your area who may be hit the hardest by these cuts.

For over 60 years we have been helping children and young people in need. Our Small Grants Programme is designed to help ensure that children who are experiencing very difficult circumstances where their safety, health or development is at risk, still have their basic material needs met.

This means we can provide fast relief from a critical situation by providing basic items – usually up to the value of £300 – such as a bed, fridge, or cooker to give them a hot meal. Families that are in crisis in your area or experiencing abuse, neglect, domestic violence, homelessness, drug or alcohol dependency – and where the situation has become acute – could be eligible for this vital funding.

Anyone working with families affected by these issues and could benefit from our support, please visit the Buttle UK website or go through your local authority or voluntary sector organisations.

Gerri McAndrew

Chief executive, Buttle UK