Her majesty seems to be staying put!

THE QUEEN ... won't be quitting.
THE QUEEN ... won't be quitting.

A WEEK or so before the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day rumour had it that Her Majesty would be giving up the throne, which sent some punters off to grab the bookmakers odds of 100-1.

However, as the speech was pre-recorded, leaked information was suspected and, fearing a battering, bookies suspended betting on HM relinquishing her ceremonial seat.

Anyway it’s known a reigning monarch wouldn’t give up their responsibilities that way, but would inform the PM, who in turn would tell the UK.

Moreover, on the Christmas Day broadcast no indication was given of any such abdication, for at the age of 21 a pledge had been given by the Queen to serve her country for life, know what I mean!

Ken Johnson,

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.