Hospital deserves credit where it’s due

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I WOULD like to share a recent experience of South Tyneside District Hospital in an attempt to show that there is another side to the hospital after all the criticism it gets.

I turned 60 last week, and was out on my morning walk when I felt my knee give way for no apparent reason.

I phoned my wife to come and collect me in the car and she took me to South Tyneside A&E once she saw that I literally couldn’t walk.

From the moment we arrived we were treated with courtesy and respect, and promptly referred to the appropriate department, where I was dealt with professionally and with care.

I was treated and discharged in under two hours, with a return appointment as well.

I realise your treatment depends on your condition and diagnosis, but after all the stick our local hospital gets I just wanted to show that it isn’t the bad place it’s made out to be.

Rather it’s staffed by good, hard-working professionals who deserve credit when it’s due.

David Mc Alister,

Tees Road,